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A LOT of mud! So, what can you do now that our constant rain seems to be letting up?

First, you can assess your rose bushes. Many of them should be coming out of dormancy for the Spring. Trim back any dead canes and remove leaf debris from the base of your plant. If you determine you have a loss, come by and browse our beautiful selection of roses for 2017. They are looking great!

Next, determine if there are any perennials emerging that you would like to split. Now is a great time of year to do this task as the younger plants are easier to remove and replant. This is especially true of Hostas.

Also, don’t forget to amend your soil with a great product like Cotton Burr Compost. It adds some wonderful nutrients, lightens, and loosens your dirt. This product is perfect for flower beds and vegetable gardens.

Finally, refresh or replace your mulch. Mulch serves many purposes such as retainng the moisture in your garden beds, weed prevention, and looking great. We carry both Cedar and Cypress mulch. Besides smelling great, they don’t fade in color like a lower grade, dyed, mulch does.

See you soon! We can’t wait to share Spring with you!

Keith Farrand