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So many of you come to the greenhouse hoping to pick out flowers attractive to hummingbirds and butterflies. Planting a butterfly/hummingbird garden is easy and fun. We carry a multitude of plants that are perfect for this purpose!

First, stop in Farrand Farms, and stop by the cashier. We have a free list available with plants ideal for this purpose. You can plant annuals, perennials, or even herbs to draw them to your yard.

Next, think bright colors. These creatures love to zero in on brightly colored blooms, especially red! The color alerts them to the blooms and the possibility of nectar.

When in doubt if a bloom is good for hummers and butterflies, look at the shape of the flower. A cup shaped or tubular bloom generally holds wonderful nectar to feed your garden friends.

Finally, sit back and enjoy your beautiful garden and watch how many different hummingbirds and butterflies stop in for a visit!


Lastly, we have some wonderful news to share! As we have told you, our friends, before, I am retiring on June 30th and many of you wondered about the fate of Farrand Farms. Well, we are happy to tell you that Farrand Farms has been purchased! The new owners are another family excited to run a small family business. They are ready to offer the exceptional service and product that Farrand Farms is known for. Expect to see the same excellent plants and the same smiling faces you have grown to love around the Farm!

We will see you soon!

Keith Farrand


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Our spectacular Memorial Day boxes are ready for you to take home. We have boxes for sun or shade, and all of your favorite color combos as well!




Also, we have a great selection of Silky Gold Butterfly Weed (Asclepsias) in 4 1/2″ pots, and some lovely miniature perennials for your tiny spaces. The Nooks and Crannies series are ideal for pathways and rock walls.



Remember to redeem any outstanding gift certificates BEFORE June 30th. If you have any Farrand Farms gift certificates they will no longer be valid after that day.


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Mother’s Day is this Sunday and we have been hard at work preparing the greenhouse for your visit. It will be a beautiful weekend to enjoy a stroll with Mom through the annual house or the perennial area. We always strive to make your visit fun and enjoyable.


How about showing Mom some different and unusual options this year. We are loving the unique blooms on these double Calibrachoas. The torch lilies are also a fun choice for her perennial bed.


If Roses are her favorite we have some great ones for her to choose from! We offer a huge selection of teas, floribundas, climbers, knockouts, shrubs, and miniatures. You can’t go wrong with this classic bloom.


Another favorite, are our Endless Summer Hydrangeas. These true blue blooms will brighten up your shady spots!


As always, we have a great selection of baskets and combo pots for you to choose from. Mom is going to love it!

See you soon,

Keith Farrand



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Toby Tobin will be broadcasting live from Farrand Farms this Saturday, April 29th from 6 a.m. to 10 a.m. We will be open early that day, at 6 a.m., to accommodate the broadcast schedule. Can’t wait to see you here!


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Clematis is a longtime gardener’s favorite. This versatile perennial vine can add beautiful color to your garden throughout the growing season. Clematis is available in many different flower types and colors. It can also be used in a variety of ways.


Many gardeners enjoy Clematis on trellises, fences, or posts. You can also use this vine  as a ground cover, in pots, or cascading over a retaining wall! Plant two varieties together for an extended bloom time or use your clematis to climb among evergreen foundation shrubbery. The possibilities are endless!


Farrand Farms has a few special varieties that will even grow in partial shade. Silver Moon’s blooms are absolutely huge!

There are a few things you can do to properly care for your Clematis. We recommend you sprinkle a cup of pelletized lime around the base of your plant once a year. This adds calcium to the plant as you water throughout the season. We sell pelletized lime, by the cup, for just 50 cents a cup. Clematis generally like to be planted in a sunny location but they prefer to have their roots ‘shaded’. You can accomplish this by planting another perennial at the base of your vine. Try Lamb’s Ear or Salvia.


Clematis pruning is categorized in three types. You can find the pruning type located on the plant tag that came with your vine. There are also ways to determine your ‘Type’ if you don’t know the name of your variety.

  1. Pruning Type 1: Will bloom in early Spring. This type flowers on old wood (i.e last years growth). Type 1 should be pruned in late Spring after they bloom. Pruning should consist of moderate shaping and thinning of older vines. Leave Type 1 Clematis dormant and alone in the Fall and Early Spring.
  2. Pruning Type 2: Will bloom in later Spring. This is the most common pruning type for today’s popular hybrid varieties. Type 2 will bloom on old and new wood. The best time to prune this variety is in early Spring or late Winter. You can trim them back or just cut out stray, old vines.
  3. Pruning Type 3: Will bloom throughout the summer. This type only blooms on new wood. They can be pruned nearly to the ground in Early Spring.

Stop in soon to view our lovely selection of this versatile plant! We can’t wait to show you how many different ways these bloomers can be used in your garden.

Happy planting,

Keith Farrand


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The greenhouse is in full bloom!

  These sweet bi-color iris are the perfect way to add contrast to your iris bed.


  These orange and yellow Summer Breeze poppies are so friendly they are hugging!


  Nothing beats these Hiemalis Begonia blooms!


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Your favorite Red Robin and Yellow Canary tomato hanging baskets are setting their first round of blossoms. These beauties will be loaded with tasty goodness before you know it!

Our full selection of veggies is busy growing. Many are ready and available now.



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A LOT of mud! So, what can you do now that our constant rain seems to be letting up?

First, you can assess your rose bushes. Many of them should be coming out of dormancy for the Spring. Trim back any dead canes and remove leaf debris from the base of your plant. If you determine you have a loss, come by and browse our beautiful selection of roses for 2017. They are looking great!

Next, determine if there are any perennials emerging that you would like to split. Now is a great time of year to do this task as the younger plants are easier to remove and replant. This is especially true of Hostas.

Also, don’t forget to amend your soil with a great product like Cotton Burr Compost. It adds some wonderful nutrients, lightens, and loosens your dirt. This product is perfect for flower beds and vegetable gardens.

Finally, refresh or replace your mulch. Mulch serves many purposes such as retainng the moisture in your garden beds, weed prevention, and looking great. We carry both Cedar and Cypress mulch. Besides smelling great, they don’t fade in color like a lower grade, dyed, mulch does.

See you soon! We can’t wait to share Spring with you!

Keith Farrand


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We’ve been busy as bees getting your Spring ready this year! Speaking of bees stop in and receive a free packet of pollinator wildflowers, free with purchase!