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So many of you come to the greenhouse hoping to pick out flowers attractive to hummingbirds and butterflies. Planting a butterfly/hummingbird garden is easy and fun. We carry a multitude of plants that are perfect for this purpose!

First, stop in Farrand Farms, and stop by the cashier. We have a free list available with plants ideal for this purpose. You can plant annuals, perennials, or even herbs to draw them to your yard.

Next, think bright colors. These creatures love to zero in on brightly colored blooms, especially red! The color alerts them to the blooms and the possibility of nectar.

When in doubt if a bloom is good for hummers and butterflies, look at the shape of the flower. A cup shaped or tubular bloom generally holds wonderful nectar to feed your garden friends.

Finally, sit back and enjoy your beautiful garden and watch how many different hummingbirds and butterflies stop in for a visit!


Lastly, we have some wonderful news to share! As we have told you, our friends, before, I am retiring on June 30th and many of you wondered about the fate of Farrand Farms. Well, we are happy to tell you that Farrand Farms has been purchased! The new owners are another family excited to run a small family business. They are ready to offer the exceptional service and product that Farrand Farms is known for. Expect to see the same excellent plants and the same smiling faces you have grown to love around the Farm!

We will see you soon!

Keith Farrand