stop squirrels from eating your pumpkins

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stop squirrels from eating your pumpkinsFall is here and pumpkins of all types and colors are at the farm and ready for your front porch. You have your hay bails, pumpkins, scarecrows and corn stalks placed in their distinct positions just as Pinterest showed you. The next day you go outside to admire your work and there’s a hole in your pumpkin! A squirrel made a meal out of your masterpiece last night. Keep squirrels off your pumpkins by following these simple tips can help maintain your design and the beauty of your decorations.

1.) Keep Squirrels Off Your Pumpkins with Repellant

Commercial squirrel repellent can be sprayed thoroughly on your pumpkin according to the product instructions. Most are non-toxic and meant only to keep them away – not kill them. If you’re unable to find a non-toxic squirrel repellant then deer repellent should have the same effect. The two tend to dislike the same scents. The most effective sprays will have the main ingredient of putrescent whole egg solids. Essentially, your pumpkin will smell like rotten eggs. You may need to keep the pumpkin away from your house until the spray dries as you’ll be able to smell the repellent at first.

2.) Place Your Pumpkin on Dog Hair

Squirrels hate dogs as much as dogs hate squirrels so placing your pumpkin on dog hair will help keep the rodents off of them as the smell of the hair keeps them away. Cat hair could work as squirrels seem to hate big cats as much as dogs, but dog hair is more efficient. Refrain from using cat urine due to the toxins. Dog hair keeps the deer away as well.

3.) Apply Pepper or Hot Sauce

As much as you may not like a large amount of pepper or hot sauce on your food, squirrels definitely don’t either.  Applying hot sauce or cayenne pepper onto your pumpkins will keep these pests at bay with one sniff or bite. You may also create a pepper barrier around your pumpkins with the cayenne pepper. You may need to apply each a few days after application if it rains. However, the hot sauce is prone to work its way into the skin. A third option is to create a homemade pepper spray by blending hot peppers and then combining them with a drop of dish soap and vegetable oil. Place the solution into a spray bottle and then apply to the pumpkin every few days.  Don’t forget to wash your hands after handling the pepper, sauce, or spray as it could irritate your skin and eyes.