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Contrary to popular misconception, the lights are on and everybody is home! Here at Farrand Farms, we are preparing for the spring planting season. Even the word “spring”, fills us with giddy anticipation! Many people talk about us “taking a break over the winter” but actually we are busy, busy! There is so much to do!

Sabine and Chris are taking cuttings of the massive geraniums we keep in a  greenhouse attached to the main building. These cuttings will be our small and midsized geranium offerings. Some places provide seed grown but ours are called zonal geraniums, so named because of the colored banding on the bigger leaves. These are taken from cuttings producing much sturdier plants with bold shatter-resistant double flowers. Seed grown geraniums have smaller single flowers on a diminutive plant.
Working on ventilation Sabine cutting geraniums

Next time you get a geranium from us, take a cutting and see if you can get it to grow. You’ll see how much fun it is to see things take root!

Sabine’s favorite work here at Farrand Farms is to plant seeds. She uses a Dremel, a tool that vibrates a tiny number of seeds out onto a tray full of a fresh, clean seedling mix. This special mix is super light and fluffy, allowing germination of tiny tender roots into a perfect environment.

You can try it yourself! Although the front gate is closed, we always have trays and seedling mix for available in the front store. Just give us a quick call and let us know you are coming. There’s no time like the present to get ready for spring. We are! You can too!