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 A fresh shipment of beautiful white pumpkins has hit the farm. What used to be a novelty, white or ivory pumpkins are becoming more common and we are so glad they are. There isn’t anything wrong with these albino pumpkins. The seeds can actually be purchased and grown just like any other pumpkin and come in different varieties, such as Lumina, Cotton Candy, Full Moon, Polar Bear or miniature Baby Boo. White pumpkins take about 90 days to grow and the seeds must be planted prior to the first frost. Be sure to pick them from the vine once they mature or they may discolor.

What can you use a white pumpkin for? Other than the beautiful fall decorations they provide on a front porch, centerpiece, or around a fireplace they can be carved into jack-o-lanterns just as any other. Their skin isn’t quite as thick as the orange pumpkins making it easier to carve. The insides are actually orange making a cool contrast. White pumpkins make great painting pallets as well if you prefer paint brushes over carving knives.

White pumpkins can be used for more than decorating. Like their orange and yellow siblings, these ivory gourds can be substituted and used to make pies and soups. Bake, puree, and freeze just the same. We recommend the Lumina variety of the white pumpkins for its flavor and texture. The seeds can be eaten just like the amber gourds. Using the hollowed white pumpkin makes for a beautiful and festive bowl as well.

Come to Farrand Farms today and pick out yours. Currently available in a multitude of sizes.