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How to Build a Wooden Obelisk

Updated: May 29, 2018

wooden garden obelisk

At Farrand Farms we don't currently sell wooden obelisks, or wooden trellis', tripods or tee pees, but we don't want to leave you without so we made our own and documented the process so you can make yours. For the price of one, $70-$100 each at the store, you can make four of your own.

Buy your lumber

  • Three 2" x 1" x 8'

  • Four 2" x 2" x 8' - the 8' is the height of your obelisk. You can buy 6' if you prefer a shorter obelisk. If you have a table saw you can also buy two 2" x 4" x 8's and cut them in half.

We used pine lumber versus a pressure treated lumber, as a preference, to not put the chemicals from the treated lumber into the same soil as our vegetables. If you are focusing on an organic garden this may be your best bet as well.

wooden garden obelisk lumber

Tools Required

  • Exterior wood screws 1.5" to 2" long

  • Saw - preferably a chop/miter saw but a circular or hand saw would work as well.

  • Drill

  • Drill bit for pre-drilling your holes

  • Measuring aTape

  • Pencil/Pen for marking

  • Paint or stain - whichever you choose to use

Let's Get Started

Your 2" x 2"s will remain uncut for the entire project.

Make the following cuts to your 2" x 1" pieces.

  • Four 22" long pieces

  • Four 18.5" long pieces

  • Four 14.5" long pieces

  • Four 11" long pieces

  • Four 3" long pieces

Here are the cuts shown below.

wooden garden obelisk cut pieces

Pre-drill your holes at the ends of each piece roughly a half inch from the ends.

wooden garden obelisk pre-drilled holes

Now that your 2" x 1" pieces are cut and pre-drilled we will measure the 2" x 2"s where the 2" x 1"s will be placed.

From the bottom of your 2" x 2" measure up 12 inches. From the 12-inch location measure up 15", then 15" from that mark and 15" from that mark. Your pieces of wood will look like the below with 4 total measurements:

wooden garden obelisk measurements

Once you have your four 2" x 2"s measured take two of the pieces and align them so they make a point at the top. getting farther apart at the bottom.

You will start with your 11" inch piece. Attach it at center of the measurement.

wooden garden obelisk

You will start with you 11" piece on the top mark, then your bottom 22"" piece at the 12" from the bottom mark.

Your 3rd piece will be the 18.5" piece and then finally the 14.5" piece. The image below shows the sequence and what it should look like once assembled.

wooden garden obelisk measurements and spacing

Once the two halves are assembled you will connect the two with the remaining 8 pieces by placing them two halves on their sides. Continue with the same sequence used before when connecting the 2" x 1"s.

Once all four sides are connected use the 3" pieces at the very top much like you did the others.

This is what your finished product will look like.Paint it, stain it, add decorations to the top, add more rungs if you need more to jazz it up. Make it yours. This is just a baseline to allow you to make the best garden obelisk for your yard.

completed wooden garden obelisk

(Directions courtesy of

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