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The April Showers Brought May Flowers

So many people breathe a sigh of relief when they walk into Farrand Farms. They are relieved to know that we are still open and relieved to get the same great help and access to the same, gorgeous flowers as always!

We are still here!

The flowers are still some of the best in the area. (Trying to keep it modest here.) Keith visits us regularly too and I, for one, enjoy having his reassuring presence checking in on us occasionally. He’s going to come and do a Throwback Thursday Coffee Hour next week and I hope you guys will all come and visit.

While you are here, pick up some big gallon-sized pots of perennials to give you show-stopping beauty in your landscape. I’ve fallen behind in my sign making, but one thing that occurs to me is how unbelievably reasonable these huge beauties still are. There is plenty of time to recreate a flower bed or just tuck in a few lovely plants here and there. Do make sure you pick up some Cotton Burr Compost to mix into your top soil. Here in Missouri, we tend to have some heavy clay soils. Cotton Burr Compost will do wonders if you mix it in to the top 6”-10”, loosening up a tight soil and making the nutrients more available to the plant roots. Do all this in the cool of the day. No need to stress! Let’s keep gardening awesome!


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