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The Grass Doesn't Have to Be Greener on the other Side

Temperatures are beginning to fall and the sun is finally taking it easy on us - and our grass! This means it is time to give your lawn the attention it deserves. Below we've outlined a lawn care schedule making it easy to accomplish a golf course quality lawn in Spring.

When Do I Seed and Fertilize My Lawn?

In Mid-August to September it is prime time for seeding new or damaged areas to your lawn. It is important to buy the correct seed for the amount of sunlight that area of your receives. For areas that receive 6 full hours of sun a sun product should be used. If the area receives less than six hours of full sunlight a shade product would be best.

DynaGreen makes this process really easy with its Step-by-Step program that runs from January to December. The Mid-August to September application is the Step 3 DynaGreen Fall Starter Lawn Fertilizer.

In addition when watering your seed and fertilizer using a soil conditioner, such as Earthright Soil Conditioner, can help your plants root easier and conserve water.

In October, your yard will be ready for winterizer. Go ahead and buy two bags so you'll be prepared for the next month's treatment. Before you spread the winterizer you will want to mow your newly seeded area if the grass is higher than three inches tall. Don't forget to sharpen your mower blades every 12 cuttings or so.

In November, as you brace for the cold weather you will need to apply the second winterizer treatment. You may begin to see weeds popping up by now. For newer lawns mow and then use Trimec to treat the weeds. If your lawn is one year or older treat your weeds with DynaGreen Winterizer with Surge.

Feel free contact us with any questions or concerns and don't worry, we have all of this in stock at Farrand Farms.

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