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About Us

Farrand Farms is proudly family owned and operated and has been in continuous operation since 1922. The older picture on the right was taken in 1968 depicting the early days of our business when we were a simple family fruit and vegetable farm.Today we have grown into one of the finest and most respected garden center operations in the Midwest.

Farrand Farms was recently recognized nationally by industry peers in “Grower Talks” magazine for leading the industry with new and innovative ideas pertaining to garden center design. In 2008 Keith was awarded the highly respected Garden Center University Degree. Garden Center University was developed by The American Nursery & Landscape Association to help you, the customer, receive only the very best products from the very best garden centers. Farrand Farms is among the very best. Saturday morning “Tips from Toby” host and good friend Toby Tobin is a regular at Farrand Farms and says that we are his favorite greenhouse and nursery (and we don’t pay him to say that!). Toby stops by and picks out his favorite items from our vast selection and compiles a selection for you.

Old Farand Farms photo

What does all this mean for you? Simply, you will find the very finest people and products for your garden from the family that does it best.

Good Growing to You!

Meet the Team
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