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Is it Spring Yet?

Impatient to arrive at the destination, kids will always ask you, “Are we there yet?” That is exactly how we, at Farrand Farms, feel about spring! Are we open for spring yet? Almost there! Just a few days more! Happily, we are open Wednesday, February 21st. We are so looking forward to seeing you! Come in! Come in! We’ll talk garden plans and planting schedules!

If you are doing a vegetable garden, remember many plants such as cole crops, do well after March 25th for planting outdoors. It depends a lot on the weather but you can soften the effects of the weather by putting a milk jug cloche over the top of the cabbage, broccoli etc. Just cut off the bottom of the milk jug and leave it like a little greenhouse over the vegetable until warmer weather ensues or the plant starts to push up through the cloche. Spinach, lettuce and carrot seeds will be fine if planted March 15th or so. They like a cold start. Just remember that they may need a little coaxing. Keep an eye on precipitation. Seed needs a little moisture to germinate. Tiny plants prosper with occasional watering and fertilizing. A little extra effort, in the beginning, pays off big time: the flavor of homegrown veggies can’t be beaten! Warm your heart and share the love! Plant a few extra for friends and neighbors. Local food pantries are especially appreciative. Happy gardening!

Here is a little help to guide you through the planting process this. Also, check out our events page for upcoming classes.

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